Foundations and Support

At Jim’s Mowing, we put Franchisees first. We believe the relationship between the franchisee and franchisor is a partnership. The Regional Franchisor provides you with support through regular contact and advice on how to effectively manage your business. This will be done through regular phone calls, fast responses to your calls, regular meetings and business reviews.

Jim’s National poll Franchisees each year to check that proper services are being provided, and Franchisees with problems are invited to go direct to our founder, Jim Penman. He regularly gives out his personal phone numbers and Email address, and typically speaks to several Franchisees a week. Jim’s is the only Franchise system in the world that allows Franchisees to change to another Franchisor or even vote them out, if not happy with the service they receive.

Support also comes from fellow Franchisees, who are normally generous with help and advice. Our people are also encouraged to attend meetings and network with Franchisees of other Divisions. Some Franchisees gain more than half of their work in this way.


The Process and Why Jim's

There are a number of steps in the process to becoming a Jim’s Mowing Franchisee:

  • Make an enquiry either by calling 0800 454 654 or filling out the online enquiry form and the Auckland Regional Franchisor will contact you to discuss your enquiry.
  • A detailed Information pack will be sent for your information.
  • If the Regional Franchisor, following initial discussions, believes you are suited to a Jim’s Mowing franchise you will be invited to an interview and information session.
  • Following a successful Interview session, arrangements will be made for you to spend 1 day in the field with a trainer. This is an opportunity for both parties to assess each other, and whether the business “fits”.
    If successful, training is then arranged: a. At least four days in the field with approved trainers, and 1 day in the office. b. 3 days Induction Training with an accredited regional franchisor which includes understanding the franchise system, business training, etc. c. At the completion of this training, you are able to sign a Franchise Agreement (a minimum 14 days after collecting the agreement)
  • You will also be given a full disclosure document of the Franchisors business. Show us any other lawn mowing franchise that does that!
  • Commence operating business. If purchasing an established franchise you will then spend seven days with the current franchisee, which includes an introduction to existing customers.

So Why Jim’s?

  • Prospective Franchisees are approved by our existing franchisees
  • All prospective franchisees are provided with a disclosure document, giving the full history of Jim’s Auckland and the Franchisors – now show us any other franchise that does the same!
  • A name you can trust
  • Professional and fully trained operators
  • Local franchises providing excellent customer service
  • Uniformed franchisee’s
  • Fully insured operators
  • Commitment to quality and reliability
  • Free Quotes
  • Friendly staff to answer your call – 0800 454 654
  • All our franchisees are now police checked!
  • Great support from your Regional Franchisor.

Future Building and Motivation

Future building-one unique feature of Jim’s is that a Franchise can grow to any size. There are no restrictions on the number of workers to be employed or vehicles on the road, and Mowing Franchisees have turned over up to a million dollars a year. Nor does this mean any increase in fees, apart from a small charge (around $7) for every lead provided. With Jim’s Mowing Auckland, we encourage future building, especially in the economic time, where quality and service is paramount importance.

At Jim’s we pride ourselves on selecting the very best candidates for a franchise business – a comfortable fit for those who set high standards for themselves and others. The Jim’s Mowing system asks a commitment to quality and reliability from our franchisees to ensure the highest quality of service to our clients. Anyone who fails in this will not be accepted as a Franchise Owner, and any Franchise Owner who falls below our standards will be invited to sell their Franchise. We are looking for highly motivated people.

Franchises are granted following an assessment of the applicant, and those that are assessed as capable of running a Jim’s Mowing franchise business will be invited. A Regional Franchise Owner, along with our trainers, will make this assessment and they have a strong interest in maintaining the quality of the service and thus the value of the business name.