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Homepage: Our core Principles are that the people who pay us are our clients. Franchisees are the clients of the Franchisor, and the Franchisor’s key business goal is to see their Franchisees happy and successful. This is not to say growth and profitability are unimportant, but that happy and successful Franchisees are the best way to achieve our income goals. To this aim, we are constantly upskilling our franchisees, and developing a great set of core principles, so that every franchisee has an equal chance. It’s an ongoing process, and one that’s evolving, however our core principles remain the same in what we do.

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Lawnmowing &
Edge Trimming.

Jim’s Mowing Auckland offer franchises, and a full franchise service with training and support.

  • checkJim’s Mowing Auckland offer Franchises for sale.
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  • checkFull training given, start earning immediately.


Jim’s Auckland offer a professional cut to any lawn


Garden Cleanups

Garden Maintenance and Cleanups as part of or Services


Pruning and Hedges

Pruning and Hedge Trimming are another of our services

Rubbish Removal & Garden Cleanups.


Franchises for Sale

Jim’s Mowing Auckland offer franchises for sale on an ongoing basis


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Address: Unit E, 150 Foundry Road, Silverdale, Auckland
Freephone: 0800 454 654
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