Evergreen Ash – (Fraxinus griffithii)

Ever wanted a fast growing evergreen to shade yourself from the neighbours. A quick growing tree originating in South East Asia producing dark green glossy leaves and grey bark with showy panicles of white flowers during spring. Evergreen Ash offers a thick growth habit making this tree well suited for planting as a feature tree in a large garden. It is also excellent as a tall informal hedge around fence lines to screen for privacy.This species is perfect for use in smaller gardens and parks or for street and avenue usage.

Height: 6 metres,Width: 4 metres,Growth rate: Fast, Form: Round, upright, Foliage: Tree boasts of lush green leaves, Flower: Small white abundant  flowers, Tolerances: Evergreen Ash Tree has moderate water requirements. Best soil conditions are well drained organically enriched, but it will grow in a wide range of soils.
Landscape Use: Evergreen Ash Tree is a good tree for those with limited space.  It is a good quick growing shade tree, and because it is evergreen it is often used as a screen.  It compliments a “tropical look” garden and is equally well suited as  stand alone lawn specimen in all gardens.

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